Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Going Green

Over the past few months, I have been part of a team creating a short film about opportunities in Green building industry. Spearheaded by the State of Washington Department of Ecology Green Building Program this film has also received funding from WIRED which is locally administered by Pacific Mountain Workforce Consortium, whose charge is Green workforce development in 5 counties in Southwest Washington. Several companies have thrown funding in the pot, too, making it a public-private partnership. The primary goal of the film is to encourage high school and trade school students who are considering going into the construction trades to acquire additional Green training and certifications. Legislators are another audience for the film.

We interviewed a number of different folks as well as collecting b-roll of solar arrays and training centers over the past couple of days. In addition to working with an awesome production team and the dynamic Rachael Jamieson at the Department of Ecology, I was really impressed with the enthusiasm the project was met with by everyone we interviewed, be they students, construction workers, bureaucrats, union reps, or CEOs of Green building and consulting firms. Exciting to capture a snapshot of an industry poised for a period of rapid growth and evolution here in Washington and hopefully, around the world.

Speaking of topics Green, my friend Teddy referred me today to a really fascinating blog today written by his friend, Alexis Madrigal regarding his research for his forthcoming book, Inventing Green: The Lost History of American Clean Tech Check it out!